LTC Halving: Litecoin Dump Equals Bitcoin Pump, Will History Repeat Itself?

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As we have less than 55 days to the Litecoin halving, and LTC has been witnessing a very high surge in the cryptocurrency market, giving Bitcoin and a host of other digital currencies a reason to pump. The cryptocurrency market return, which saw Bitcoin move above $8200 at some point yesterday, before sloping down a bit, is being led by Litecoin.

As experts levy the sudden growth of the market to the upcoming Litecoin halving, there is a point to deduce from the last Litecoin halving which was succeeded by a bull run for Bitcoin especially. The whole cryptocurrency market appears to be witnessing price upsurge since morning, there is no doubt that the rally is being led by Litecoin with other digital assets following the crypto in growth.

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