Bitcoin Vs gold: "It's not even comparable," says analyst

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Bitcoin Vs gold:
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However, for E.B Tucker, Senior Analyst of Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader at Casey Research, gold and Bitcoin aren’t even comparable… Within a recent interview with Kitco news, Tucker spoke on the differences between gold and Bitcoin, responding to a statement suggesting that Bitcoin’s returns far surpass that of gold by relaying that it comes down to the investor's mindset: “We’ll we’re humble peasants we're not buying Bugatti’s and putting HODL on the front, and blocking traffic lanes … it’s a very different mindset to own gold, this is something that’s been around for thousands of years.” Slightly confusing market cap with total supply, Tucker explains why he believes Bitcoin is not as functional as gold.

With Bitcoin what people don’t realize is there is only about $160-$150 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin available - in the total supply, while gold is an $8 trillion, people say “well that’s less bitcoin that’s better” well not really, You see asset managers and people have to move funds in and out of these assets. Interestingly and completely in contrast to Tucker's estimation, Bitcoin is often seen as trumping gold in many of its functions as a store of value, with its portability, divisibility, fungible nature and counterfeit resistance its perhaps fair to say that Bitcoin isn’t comparable to gold, but instead just better overall… What do you think?

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