Crypto Trading Platform McAfee MagicIs Now Live

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Crypto Trading Platform McAfee MagicIs Now Live
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The platform called “McAfee Magic” is described as a site where users can “trade cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges within a single dashboard, automatically and manually.” Magic appears to be a non-custodial platform as the crypto of users are kept on eight other exchanges.

The site is hosted on “top grade” Amazon Web Service servers which feature DDoS protection and can “scale on demand”, according to McAfee Magic’s FAQs. At the beginning of the month, McAfee also revealed that he will be issuing in a few months his own cryptocurrency, called the “McAfee Freedom Coin”: “The McAfee Freedom Coin is designed to confront the problem of exchange head-on… It is not based on any commodity nor is it connected to the value or behavior of any external item or entity.

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