USDQ And KRWQ Are On Deex

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USDQ And KRWQ Are On Deex
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First Stable Coins Totally Backed By Bitcoin USDQ and KRWQ By Platinum Q DAO Engineering Now Listed on DEEX Exchange Platinum Q DAO Engineering has announced a new listing for the stable coins USDQ and KRWQ, the decentralized stable assets that are fully collateralized by Bitcoin. These Bitcoin deposits are always held in segregated wallets under a Bitcoin asset control system and become locked positions by the Q DAO smart contract which will only release the collateral once the USDQ or KRWQ tokens are paid back into the system.

The DEEX platform, along with margin trading and spot trading cryptocurrency exchange BTCNEXT, headline the list of exchanges where users can trade USDQ and other Q DAO family stable coins in the future freely taking advantage of its mechanisms against volatility. BTCNEXT is a next-generation spot and margin trading platform developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering.

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